For episode 18 we talked to Bonnie Gabel and Indee Mitchell about their project Last Call: New Orleans Dyke Bar History Project. This project creates a digital archive of queer oral history, hosts a podcast series and tutorials and puts on live performances and events in service of these projects.

For episode 17 we talked to Michael Riordon about his experiences collecting interviews for his book Out Our Way: Gay and Lesbian Life in the Country. We discuss his interview with Ann, Beth, and Susan and how understanding the texture of queerness has had different implications over time. We also discuss the particularities of queer activism in rural areas.

For episode 16 we talked to Ashley D. Cole about her thesis “I just wanted to be who I was”: Documenting Queer Voices in the South. We talk about the southern toleration of certain queer acts during different eras of time and how they interesected with race and class. We also speak about the different historical antecedents for female queerness, acts and identities, and hidden oral histories.

For episode 15 we talked with Greta Hurst about her collecting of queer oral history from older queer folk in Vancouver community through the Generations project. We look at her interview with Libby Davies, activist and former MP, and her own experiences with the queer community through the past decades and being outed in 1956 in Montreal. We also discuss McCarthyism and the politics surrounding that time period.

For episode 14 we talked with Julie Enszer about her role as editor of the historic journal Sinister Wisdom and the changing roles of politics throughout the years of its publication.

For episode 12 we talked with Doug O’Keef about the Leather Archives Museum and his interview with the venerable Marge Summit who he interviewed about her experiences owning a lesbian bar.

For episode 12 we talked with Lauren Hortie, co-producer of the short film Midnight at the Continental. We addresses gentrification, immigration, movement hijacking, and butch femme politics and bar culture in 1955 Toronto.

For episode 11 we spoke to Marc Robert Stein about his interview with Anita Cornwell, author of Black Lesbian in White America in 1983. We discuss race, tensions of what is inherent and what is performed in gender, and the effect of race, class, gender, sexuality and geography on a lived historical experience.

For episode 10 we spoke to Elizabeth Kennedy about her interview with Ann from her research that went into creating "Boots of Leather, Slippers of Gold: The History of A Lesbian Community.” We discuss butch/femme politics throughout history and the presence of racism and acceptance within the queer community in Buffalo, New York during the period of these interviews in the 1980’s.

For episode 7 we spoke to Rebecka Sheffield about her project The Beside Table Archives where she interviewed women about the contents of their bedside tables which sparked nuanced conversations of queer life and the queer experience. We discuss archive intervention, and the methodology of collecting oral history.